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High Sierra Tickets - Advertising Information

Who Should Advertise?

High Sierra Tickets is the ideal advertising medium for businesses and organizations with products and services that are directed toward tourism, recreation and entertainment. Visitors to this site are a mixture local residents and out of town tourists who are looking for events in the Motherlode to attend. In many cases, these visitors will be looking for other entertainment, dining, lodging and other tourism related services.

Advertising Options on This Site

We accept two different graphical advertisement sizes: 120 pixels wide x 60 pixels high or 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high. Here are two examples of these ads:

 120 pixels wide x 60 pixels high
 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high

Ad graphics may be either GIF or JPG format. Maximum size is 25kb. Animated GIF's are allowed. GIF's should have opaque backgrounds. We reserve the right to reject submitted ads for any reason if we feel they are not appropriate for the site.

Linking to This Site

You can link to our site in a variety of ways.

General links: Please link to our home page at http://www.highsierratickets.com

Linking to our Calendar:

To link to our calendar for the current month, please use http://www.highsierratickets.com/calendar/

To link to the calendar for a specific month, use http://www.highsierratickets.com/calendar/?month=xx, where xx is the month number (1=January, 12=December).

To link to a specific event, use http://www.highsierratickets.com/calendar/calendarprofile.shtml?index=eventid, where event is the event identifier number. (The easiest way to duplicate this link is to go to the desired profile page in your browser, and then copy the url from the browser's address line.)

Please use one of the following banners to link to this site:

 120 pixels wide x 60 pixels high

 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high

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